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Ulrich Rant

CEO, Dynamic Biosensors, DE

Uli is a co-founder and currently CEO of Dynamic Biosensors GmbH, a Munich based biotech company created in 2012, which commercializes a novel chip technology for the analysis of proteins and nucleic acids (switchSENSE).
Uli’s scientific background is physics and nanotechnology, where he authored more than 50 papers and patents in the fields of biomolecular analysis. His current research interests revolve around the development of novel methods for the analysis of bio-molecular interactions with electro-switchable biosurfaces and single molecule sensing with nanopores.

Uli studied physics at the Technical University Graz, Austria, and received his PhD in biophysics (summa cum laude) from the Technical University Munich, Germany, in 2005. After a PostDoc at TU Munich and a research stay at the Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd. (Japan) he became a group leader at TU Munich in 2007. Uli was awarded a Carl-von-Linde Jr. Research Fellowship by the TU Munich Institute of Advanced Studies and became a principal investigator in the Nanosystems Initiative Munich Cluster, both supported through Germany’s Excellence Initiative. Also, he was awarded a GO-Bio grant for the creation of a biotech venture by Germany’s ministry of science (2011 and 2013) and received the Robert-Sauer Award by the Bavarian Academy of Sciences (2012).