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Wendy Van den Bulck

True Colours, BE

Don’t waste time! Manage your research project!

Research projects are characterized by a high degree of uncertainty and variability. Very often there are a lot of partners involved, and their duration is several years.

All this means that they must be properly managed.

In this interactive masterclass you will learn how to:

  • make sure that your project is managed in an effective and efficient way
  • set milestones within the scope of your project
  • set priorities and keep your focus
  • plan your activities on a daily and weekly basis
  • influence and communicate with your stakeholders in a respectful way
  • keep yourself and your team motivated
  • deal with setbacks, stress and urgent deadlines.


The workshop will be given by Wendy Van den Bulck and Tom Dewettinck, trainers/facilitators at True Colours cvba.

Wendy and Tom have several years of expercience in training and coaching researchers in the domains of project management, leadership&coaching and communication. They have given courses and workshops at VIB, UGent, VUB, UAntwerpen and KULeuven.

About Wendy

Wendy got her Master in Germanic Languages in 1996 (KULeuven). For 14 years, she was a teacher in Dutch, English and German. In 2007 she started training and coaching, since 2010 she is a full time coach/trainer. In 2014 she became a freelance partner of True Colours.

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