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William Biggs

Head of Genomic Sequencing , Human Longevity, US

Dr. Biggs has, over the past several years, played a key role in establishing several high volume regulated clinical testing laboratories. Most recently, Dr. Biggs joined Human Longevity Inc (HLI) as the Head of Sequencing Operations in March of 2014. The goal of HLI is to drive the incorporation of genetic information, both human and Microbiome into the regular medical decision management. While at HLI Dr. Biggs was responsible for assembling a team of over 20 highly skilled individuals that manned both Technology Development and Production Sequencing laboratories at HLI. The assembled team has, over the past two years has sequenced over 40,000 human genomes and 6,000 microbiomes.

Prior to joining HLI, Dr. Biggs was the Director of Clinical Sequencing at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard. In this role, Dr. Biggs assisted with establishing several strategic initiatives supporting the implementation of a CLIA-certified sequencing capabilities at the Broad. Prior joining the Broad, Dr. Biggs served as Director of Genetics and Genomics at Aviir Diagnostics and was Director of Technical Operations at Affymetrix Clinical Service Laboratories. Dr. Biggs obtained his Ph.D. in Biological Chemistry from UCLA in 1994 and has extensive experience in elucidating the roles of genetics, signal transduction and transcriptional regulation during the initiation of progression of disease gained during studies conducted at The Salk Institute, The Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research, and Ambit Biosciences.

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