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Xun Meng

CEO, Ab-Mart, CN

Xun has a B.S. degree (chemistry) from Sichuan University and a Ph.D. (chemistry) from New York University. He did a post-doc with Mark Keating at University of Utah, where he studied the genetic basis of Williams’ syndrome. Since then, he has been involved in multiple biotech start-ups, including Orion Genomics (senior scientist), Epitome Biosystems (co-founder and Research Director, acquired by Millipore) and Abmart (co-founder, CEO).

Xun has created novel technologies for genomics (optical mapping, NYU) and proteomics (PET antibody array technology, Epitome Biosystems). At Abmart, he has lead the invention of antibody library technologies for proteins (SEAL) and proteomes (MabArray). His goal is to create an antibody technology ecosystem for much easier, faster and productive protein/proteome studies to accelerate basic research and product development.