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Why organizing Regulatory Oxylipins?

17 January 2019

The jasmonate (JA) pathway controls one of the major limbs of the plant defense system. Constantly functioning in plants in the wild, JA controls plant resource distribution to defense and to growth, impinging on important developmental processes. Numerous established research groups, expanded by a new wave of young researchers is deciphering how JA plays in previously unexpected cellular processes. New techniques in microscopy are bringing fresh insights into how the JA pathway is activated both close to and distal to wounds. Regulatory Oxylipins (an International meeting) plans to capture this excitement by giving a platform both to established leaders and young researchers brought together by this vigorously developing field.

A recent publication by our keynote speaker Roberto Solano demonstrates how the low gene redundancy of the liverwort Marchantia polymorpha allows clarifying the phylogenetic history and role of JA signalling proteins in plant defense, growth and development ( read the article in Science direct.

- Alain Goossens -
(VIB-UGent Center for Plant Systems Biology)

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Marchantia - Roberto Solano (Copyright)