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Grant Belgard

Verge Genomics, US

Observations over a decade working as a computational biologist in academia and biotech, most of it remotely, convinced Grant that there was simultaneously a strong demand for quality bioinformatics services and a loss of computational biologists to other industries. Contributors to this leakage of professional talent include a shortage of desirable professional career positions, extreme geographic concentration, and an industry that has not yet widely accepted primarily remote work. Consequently, in 2018, Grant founded The Bioinformatics CRO as a distributed company to provide quality computational biology services drawing on top talent worldwide.

A native of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Grant quadruple majored in physics, chemistry, chemical physics, and biochemistry and cell biology at Rice University. Following an internship at the FBI Laboratory, Grant earned a doctorate from the University of Oxford as a Marshall Scholar, with joint training at the National Institutes of Health. He completed a postdoctoral fellowship at UCLA, followed by a research post at the University of Oxford, and a senior scientist position at Verge Genomics. Grant has authored 24 scientific papers, served as a peer reviewer for 21 journals, consulted for biotech companies, and is an executive MBA student at the Smartly School of Business.

Outside of work he volunteers for several science and education causes and serves as a director of the Mid-Bay Bridge Rotary Club in Niceville, Florida, and as a trustee of the LSMSA Foundation.

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