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Je Hyuk Lee

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, US

The Lee lab at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory develops spatial sequencing technologies to visualize somatic mutations in rare single cells, including cancer cells. In addition, a combination of ‘molecular identifier’ spatial sequencing, NGS, and optical tomography is used to reconstruct the whole transcriptome of developing ESCs and Drosophila eyes in 3D. The goal is to establish spatial genomics as a platform to interrogate cell states, transcriptional competency, and epigenetic mechanisms involved in cell fate patterning. Dr. Lee received an M.D. Ph.D. degree from Tufts School of Medicine, Boston, and he trained in internal medicine at the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia. He joined the laboratory of Dr. George Church, where he developed Fluorescent In Situ Sequencing to examine the spatial organization of gene expression in an unbiased manner. Beyond functional genomics, Dr. Lee is also focused on approaches to visualize and isolate dormant disseminated cancer cells that currently lack specific biomarkers in patients.

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