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Jessica Strid

Imperial College London, UK

Dr Jessica Strid is a non-clinical lecturer at the Department of Medicine, Division of immunology and inflammation, Imperial College London. Dr Strid did her MSc degree at the Danish University of Pharmaceutical Sciences in Copenhagen. She did her PhD in immunology at the Institute of Child Health, University College London, UK under supervision of Stephan Strobel and Robin Callard. Her PhD was focused on food allergy and skin immunology. During her PhD she discovered that the skin microenvironment is particularly well suited for the induction of type 2 immunity and that primary allergic sensitization with high levels of IgE can occur via the skin. As a PostDoc she joined Adrian Hayday’s research group at Kings College London and later worked at Cancer Research UK. Her PostDoc studies were focused on autologous ‘sterile’ stress responses in the skin, their recognition by resident immune cells and consequences for local and systemic immunity.

These studies revealed that immune surveillance of stressed epithelia is linked to atopic responses. In July 2012 Dr Strid joined Imperial College London as a non-clinical lecturer and the following year was awarded the Wellcome Trust New Investigator Award. Her current work focuses on skin immune surveillance and the role of type 2 immunity in tissue homeostasis and carcinogenesis.

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