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Joakim Lundeberg

SciLifeLab, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, SE

Professor Joakim Lundeberg heads the Department of Gene Technology, KTH Royal Institute of Technology and the focus of his research in technology development. His research group is located at the Science for Life Laboratory (SciLifeLab), a center for molecular biosciences and is currently visiting prof at Stanford University. JL has also headed the National Genomics Infrastructure (NGI), that provides Swedish researchers access to state of the art instrumentation and is one of the largest sequencing centers in Europe.

Lundeberg's current research focuses on spatially resolved gene expression studies based on the Spatial Transcriptomics (ST) technology. This technology allows for studies of gene expression in tissue sections using RNA-sequencing to uncover transcriptional patterns in situ. The basic concept is remarkably simple; by placing tissue sections on arrayed reverse transcription oligonucleotides with positional barcodes, cDNA for RNA-sequencing can be generated while maintaining positional information within the tissue. The quality of the cDNA libraries obtained are as high as with the best protocols for homogenized tissue. Lundeberg and his collaborators have been applying this strategy to visualize and quantify the transcriptome in regular histological tissue sections, including brain and its dysfunctions such as ALS, Alzheimer disease.

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