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Gevaert Kris - Profile Picture

Kris Gevaert

VIB-UGent Center for Medical Biotechnology, BE

Prof. dr. Gevaert obtained his PhD in Biotechnology in 2000 at Ghent University (Belgium). He was a post-doctoral fellow with the Fund for Scientific Research (Flanders, Belgium) until 2006 and got appointed Professor in Functional Proteomics at Ghent University in 2004. Since 2005 he heads the Functional Proteomics group of the VIB Department of Medical Protein Research and also the VIB Proteomics Expertise Centre ( In 2010 he got appointed Full Professor at Ghent University and is currently Associate Director of the VIB Department of Medical Protein Research.

Together with Joël Vandekerckhove he introduced the suite of COFRADIC proteomics technologies which his group applies to the deep analysis of protein modifications, including protein processing by proteases. His group published more than 230 papers and several book chapters on the development and applications of proteomics techniques in several areas of biomedical and life sciences research.

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