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Lothar Schermelleh

Micron Senior Research Fellow | Department of Biochemistry University of Oxford, UK

Lothar’s research aims at understanding the relationship between 3D nuclear organisation and genome activity in mammalian cells by combining genetic tools and advanced optical imaging methods.

As affiliated member of the Micron Advanced Bioimaging Unit (, he is driving the development of computational analysis and fluorescence labelling tools for super-resolution microscopy. His biological research aims at uncovering the interplay between biophysical forces, epigenetic memory and cohesin complex activity to modulate cell type specific transcriptional programmes, e.g. during cell differentiation and in pathological states. To this end his group employs a combination of genetic editing and cell biological manipulations with innovative live-cell and correlative super-resolution imaging and analysis approaches. This will ultimately enable to directly observe genome activity, such as transcription, replication and repair, in the context of the nuclear environment at the nanoscale.

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