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Nicola Zamboni

ETH Z├╝rich, CH

Nicola Zamboni graduated in the group of Jay Bailey at the Institute of Biotechnology of ETH Zurich, where he also received his Ph.D. degree in 2003 in the field of metabolic engineering and 13C metabolic flux analysis. In 2004, he moved as a PostDoc to the Stanford Genome Technology Center to deepen his knowledge on mass spectrometry and to apply metabolomics-based approaches for unraveling causes of metabolic changes in eukaryotic cells. This activity continues currently at ETH Zurich, where he returned in 2005 as a Principal Investigator in the Institute of Molecular Systems Biology of ETH Zurich since 2005. The lab focuses on the development of experimental methods of to characterize the in vivo response of complex metabolic networks to perturbations and environmental cues and reverse engineer cellular regulation.

Research interests
Our lab researches novel concepts and tools that monitors state and activity of metabolic networks. In particular, we strive to develop generally applicable approaches that can cope with technically difficult systems such as mammalian cells, complex environments, dynamic systems, and heterogeneous populations.
We pursue a primarily data-driven approach largely based on mass spectrometry, i.e. metabolomics and tracer studies with stable isotopes. In parallel, we have a strong program in software development for chemometrics, automatization, workflow management, data mining, data integration, and hypothesis testing.
Through a wide network of collaborations both in Academy and Industry, our tools are applied to virtually all areas where cellular metabolism is of relevance: systems biology, metabolic engineering, drug development against pathogens or cancer, aging, immunology, toxicology, cell differentiation, nutrition, evolution, etc.

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