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Final chance to join VIB’s first virtual conference: Emerging Technologies in Single Cell Research!

3 November 2020

The first edition of SingleCell20 is taking place on 19-20 November 2020 and will be organized by VIB, a non-profit life sciences research institute in Belgium, and LifeTime, a pan European research initiative, as a virtual conference. The VIB Conference team has found the perfect platform for SingleCell20 to give attendees, speakers and exhibitors the same experience as a live event.

Already 320 attendees signed up for SingleCell20 and we want you there as well! The aim of SingleCell20 is to create an opportunity to address and discuss current medical challenges. The outstanding program contains different topics such as:

  • Single Cell Epigenomics
  • Single Cell Multi-Omics
  • Single Cell Computational Biology
  • Single Cell Spatial Omics
  • New Single Cell Technologies to Study Disease

The virtual conference allows you to connect with other attendees, interact with the speakers and discuss the 78 posters during the online poster sessions!

Below you can find an overview of the excellent speaker line-up:

  • Leeat Keren - Weizmann Institute of Science, IL;

Unraveling the structure of the tumor-immune microenvironment using multiplexed imaging

  • Jop Kind - Hubrecht Institute, NL;

Untangling spatial genome organization: new insights from single-cell DamID

  • Miao-Ping Chien - Erasmus University Medical Center/ UFO Biosciences, NL;

Seeing is sequencing: linking phenotypes and genotypes of heterogeneous cancer cells by high-throughput, microscopy-based single cell selection and functionally annotated single cell sequencing

  • Klaas Mulder - Radboud Institute for Molecular Life Sciences, NL;

Studying drug-induced redirection of intracellular signaling flow with single-cell approaches

  • Mor Nitzan - Harvard University, US;

Inferring spatial and temporal organization from single-cell data

  • Nikolaus Rajewsky - Berlin Institute for Medical Systems Biology, DE;

Single cell analysis of virus infected human brain organoids

  • Samatha Morris - Washington University in St. Louis, US;

New genomic technologies to measure and manipulate cell identity

  • Céline Vallot - CNRS/Institut Curie, FR;

Tracing epigenomic landscapes towards drug resistance in breast cancer

  • Amos Tanay - Weizmann Institute of Science, IL;

Single cell epigenomics and embryonic commitment

  • Ana Pombo - The Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine, DE;
  • Oliver Stegle - EMBL-EBI, UK;

From genotype to phenotype with single-cell resolution

  • Oana Ursu - Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, US;

Integrating cell state across the molecular and cell biological level using pooled genetic screens with expression and morphology readout

  • Omer Bayraktar - Wellcome Sanger Institute, UK;

Mapping human tissue architecture using spatial genomics

  • Fabian Theis - Helmholtz Zentrum München, DE;

Modeling cellular response in time and space

  • Nils Gehlenborg - Harvard Medical School, US;

Modular Visualization of Spatial Single-Cell Omics Data with Vitessce

  • Bernd Bodenmiller - University of Zurich, CH;

Highly multiplexed imaging of tissues with subcellular resolution by imaging mass cytometry

  • Jean-Christophe - VIB-KU Leuven Center for Cancer Biology, BE;

A developmental cellular hierarchy in melanoma uncouples growth and metastatic phenotypes

  • Dominic Grün - Max Planck Institute of Immunology and Epigenetics, DE.

Deciphering cell fate decision at single-cell resolution

We would love for you to attend the pilot edition of “Emerging Technologies in Single Cell Research”.