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Improve your conference interaction

6 September 2018

As the summer is transforming into fall and we're all back working on our projects, we want to inform you that the VIB Conferences website has a new networking tool which might come in handy if you are attending one of our conferences in the future.

One of our main goals is to establish opportunities for collaborations between scientists at the conference and during the accompanying social program. What better way to prepare yourself than knowing in advance which colleagues will be present?

Approximately two weeks before the start of the conference and one week after the conference, all the registered participants will be able to see the full list of attendees and an overview of the submitted abstracts. This data will be visible at the conference event page. For privacy reasons the people who are not registered for the conference, will not have access to this information.

To take advantage of this new feature to the fullest, we ask you to update your profile on the website.
How can you do this?

  • Log in on the VIB Conferences website;
  • Go to Dashboard at the top right corner;
  • Click 'Edit', update your details and add your LinkedIn account to connect with your peers.

Information that can be shared includes your name, job title and LinkedIn profile.

In case you want to improve your LinkedIn profile, you might consider the following tips:

  • Make your headline catchy;
  • Upload a professional headshot;
  • The summary is a reflection of you – use it to create a compelling story!

Read more LinkedIn tips & tricks in this article.

We hope to see you at our upcoming conferences and on our website!