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Want to advance your career in Core Facilities?

22 May 2018

Then make sure to attend the 3rd edition of Core Technologies for Life Sciences this year held in picturesque Ghent, Belgium.

The program of day 3 of CTLS2018@VIB will offer sessions on career paths for Core Facility staff & Core Facility networks and alliances.

In the plenary session International alliances, networks and cooperation the following speakers will go in depth into how European Core Facilities work together and how that's beneficial.

Ilaria Nardello (European Marine Biological Resource Center, FR) will speak on the global-reach potential of EU research infrastructures. During her talk she will highlight the specific case of EMBRC-ERIC.
Odile Leroy (European Vaccine Initiative, DE) will discuss how to sustain the European leadership in vaccine research and development. SHe will stress the need of an integrated European infrastructure.
Finally Monica Morales Ballus (CRG, ES) will give her views on this topic as head of Core Facilities of CRG in Spain.

During the parallel session Career path for Core Facility staff you will learn more about how to advance your career in this field from wide variety of viewpoints.

Speakers in this session are Elisa Ferrando-May (University of Konstanz Bioimaging Center, DE), Marijke Lein (VIB Headquarters, BE), Saskia Lippens (VIB Bioimaging Core, BE), Nadine Utz (German Society for Microscopy and Image Analysis, DE) and Kelly Vere (The Science Counsil, UK)

For more information about the program and registration please visit the conference website.

CTLS2018 - Career - Alliances speakers