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Annabelle Gerard

R&D Manager, HiFiBio, FR

Annabelle Gérard is leading the R&D in nucleic acid assays, both for single cell applications and for high-throughput screenings at HiFiBiO SAS.
HiFiBiO SAS ( is a Paris-based biotechnology company (with also office and lab space in Boston and Cambridge, MA) commercializing recent advances in droplet-based microfluidics, oligonucleotide barcodes, proprietary molecular biology, next-generation sequencing and advanced computation algorithms to provide integrated solutions for single cell analysis in epigenetic drug discovery and biomarker development, but also in antibody discovery.
HiFiBiO has a seasoned management team with a strong track record of success in building high value life science companies. Mr. Fred Dom, MSc (CEO) is formerly the CEO of FlexGen (Leiden, NL) and a serial entrepreneur with expertise in private capital investment and operations. Dr. Colin Brenan (CCO) is a serial life science entrepreneur, former founder of BioTrove (sold to LIFE) and Biocius (sold to Agilent). Dr Allan Jensen (CSO) has a strong track record in antibody drug development (Pfizer GBT, Symphogen, Inoxell A/S).
Annabelle has been working more than 12 years in molecular and cellular biology with main focus on the role and importance of epigenetic information during cell cycle and upon DNA damage. Any disorder in these two critical cellular pathways is the main origin of tumorigenesis. She completed her PhD at the Curie Institute (Paris) in Geneviève Almouzni’s lab, a world-leading group studying chromatin dynamics during cell cycle and upon DNA damage. With the aim of bridging fundamental research to applied science, she moved as post-doctoral fellow at the Cochin Institute (Paris) in Stéphane Emiliani’s group to dissect the importance of epigenetic information in the control of HIV-1 pathology. In August 2013, Annabelle joined HiFiBiO, being the first employee of the newly created biotechnology startup. The company now employs more the 10 FTEs.

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