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Céline Vallot

CNRS/Institut Curie, FR

Céline Vallot is the head of the Dynamics of Epigenetic Plasticity group at Institut Curie (UMR3244/Translational Department). She joined the Translational Department of IC as a junior group leader in 2017, and is an expert in multi-omics data analysis and epigenetic regulation. Her lab investigates the dynamics of acquisition of chromatin features in cancer cells in vivo combining cancer biology to single-cell microfluidics and data mining. Her group, together with Andrew Griffith’s group and the company HiFiBio, has recently developed means to analyze the epigenome of cancer cells at single-cell resolution and revealed the heterogeneity of chromatin states within breast tumors. She is also the scientific co-director of the single-cell facility of the Institut Curie.

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