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Elaine Shapland

Head of Build, Ginkgo Bioworks, US

Elaine Shapland, Ph.D., is the head of the Build group at Ginkgo Bioworks in Boston, Massachusetts. Ginkgo’s mission is to make biology easier to engineer. To do this, we are building a Foundry that can deliver organisms to customers across many markets. Her group strives to maintain flexibility when building scalable, high throughput molecular biology pipelines to serve the diverse strain engineering needs at the company. In just this past year, the group has developed and launched pipelines to assemble DNA, sequence DNA with NGS and verify genomic integrations with PCR and NGS. Prior to this role, she was head of the Automated Strain Engineering group at Amyris Inc in Emeryville, California. It was here that she became interested in how software and automation can be enable orders of magnitude more strain engineering per scientist. Elaine received her PhD in Microbiology from the University of California at Berkeley.

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