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Eran Segal

Weizmann Institute, IL

Prof. Segal is an associate Professor at the Department of Computer Science and Applied Mathematics at the Weizmann Institute of Science, heading a lab with a multi-disciplinary team of computational biologists and experimental scientists in the area of Computational and Systems biology. His group has extensive experience in machine learning, computational biology, probabilistic models, and analysis of heterogeneous high-throughput genomic data from various technologies such as next-generation sequencing. His research focuses on developing quantitative models for all levels of gene regulation, including transcription, chromatin, and translation; and Studying the relationship between nutrition, health, and gut microbes in human individuals ( Lab website:

Prof. Segal published over 100 publications, and received several awards and honors for his work, including the 2007 EMBO young investigator award, and the 2007 Overton prize, awarded annually by the International Society for Bioinformatics (ICSB) to one scientist for outstanding accomplishments in the field of computational biology. He was recently elected as an EMBO member and as a member of the young Israeli academy of science.

Before joining the Weizman Institute, Prof. Segal held an independent research position at Rockefeller University, New York.

Education: Prof. Segal was awarded a B.Sc. in Computer Science summa cum laude in 1998, from Tel-Aviv University, and a Ph.D. in Computer Science and Genetics in 2004, from Stanford University

Academic Background:

1999-2004 Stanford University. Ph.D., Computer Science (Advisor: Daphne Koller)
1999-2004 Stanford University. Ph.D. minor, Genetics
1995-1998 Tel-Aviv University. B.Sc., Computer Science

Previous Position:

2004-2005 Fellow, Center for Studies in Physics and Biology, Rockefeller University

Speaker at