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Fuchou Tang

Peking University, CN

Fuchou Tang is an assistant professor at BIOPIC, College of Life Sciences of Peking University. He got his BA degree and PhD degree at Peking University. Then he did postdoctoral research in Azim Surani’s lab at University of Cambridge and developed single cell RNA-Seq technique and single cell microRNA profiling technique. After he set up his own lab at BIOPIC in 2010, he developed single cell RRBS DNA methylome analysis technique. He performed single cell genome sequencing of human oocytes and early embryos, and found critical features of meiosis of human oocytes and showed proof of principle that single cell genome sequencing based pre-implantation genomic screening in in vitro fertilization (IVF) enables accurate and cost-effective selection of normal fertilized eggs for embryo transfer. The long-term goal of his lab is to deciphering the genetic and epigenetic regulation of the gene expression network in human early embryos through single cell functional genomics approaches.

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