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Joshua B. Edel

Imperial College London, UK

Joshua Edel is a professor of biosensing and analytical sciences within the department of chemistry at Imperial College London. He received his PhD on the development of single molecule detection within microfluidic systems at Imperial College London in 2004. He then performed postdoctoral research in nanobiotechnology at Cornell University and Harvard University. In July 2006 he joined Imperial College as a lecturer and in 2011 he was awarded a prestigious ERC StG on rare event bioanalysis and in 2016 he was awarded an ERC CoG related to the development of selective single-molecule biosensors. JBE has pioneered techniques such as high throughput droplet microfluidics, Nat. Chem. (2011), optical and electrical single-molecule sensors Nat. Comm (2017, 2019), plasmonic nanopore sensors Nano Lett. (2015), self-assembly at immiscible interfaces Nat. Mater. (2013, 2017), and nanoscale probes, Nat. Nanotechnol. (2019). JBE has been funded by organizations such as EPSRC, ERC, Wellcome Trust, British Heart Foundation, DstL, Wellcome Trust, and BBSRC and is a popular consultant in nanotechnology.

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