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Kristopher Nazor

BioLegend, US

Kristopher "Kit” Nazor is leading the development and commercialization of proteogenomics products at BioLegend. Since joining BioLegend in January 2018, Kit has overseen the commercialization of more than 250 single-cell proteogenomics products under BioLegend’s TotalSeqTM brand. He is working with leading institutions around the world to deploy and adapt BioLegend’s proteogenomics technologies and products to meet the unique demands of a broad and diverse set of research programs.

Kit received his PhD from The Scripps Research Institute, La Jolla, where he co-authored scientific papers in top scientific journals including Nature, Nature Communications, and Cell Stem Cell, as well as several book chapters on statistical methods for the analysis of gene-expression and epigenetic data. He is an expert in stem cell biology, bioinformatics, and disease modeling and has developed and published a multitude of both cell biology and bioinformatics-related techniques.

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