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Long Cai

California Institute of Technology, US

Long Cai is a Professor of Biology and Biological Engineering at Caltech. His lab pioneered the field of spatial genomics by developing a method that allows the simultaneous imaging of over 10,000 genes in single cells within their native spatial context. This technology has opened a new way to directly visualize the genome in situ with microscopy, with many applications in neuroscience, stem cell biology, developmental biology and precision medicine. For this work, Dr. Cai has received the NIH New Innovator Award, Transformative Award, Paul G. Allen Frontiers Foundation Distinguished Investigator Award. Dr. Cai received his AB/AM in Physics and Chemistry at Harvard College, under the supervision of Dudley Herschbach, and his PhD in Chemistry at Harvard with Sunney Xie. He trained as a Beckman Institute Postdoctoral Fellow with Michael Elowitz at Caltech.

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