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Mazhar Adli

University of Virginia, US

Dr. Mazhar Adli is an Assistant Professor at the University of Virginia, School of Medicine.

He obtained his Ph.D. from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (NC, USA) and his postdoctoral training from Harvard Medical School at the Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT.

His laboratory is pioneering and using locus specific epigenome mapping, manipulation and chromatin imaging approaches to study gene regulation in normal and malignant settings. His lab pioneered efforts to map and identify genome-wide Cas9 binding specificities (Nature Biotechnologies, 2014) and developed improved computational CRISPR off-target prediction tools (NAR, 2015) and dual-color chromatin imaging (Nature Communications, 2017) as well CRISPR-base editor mediated safer gene silencing tools (Nature Methods, 2017). His laboratory has strong expertise in epigenomic mapping and CRISPR-based genome and epigenome manipulation technologies.

During his postdoctoral training, he coordinated multiple large-scale genomic projects such as the Roadmap Epigenome Mapping Consortium, where he coordinated and profiled more 500 epigenomic maps of primary human cell types (Cell, 2013). He has also developed the Nano-ChIP-Seq technology to map epigenetic information in a limited number of cells (Nature Methods, 2010; Nature Protocols, 2011).

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