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Melanie Matheu

CEO, Founder at Prellis Biologics, Inc., US

Dr. Matheu founded Prellis Biologics in October 2016 with a design for an optical based printing system on paper and a vision to create fully vascularized human tissues and organs for transplantation. During her academic career, Dr. Matheu authored numerous peer-reviewed publications and a book chapter detailing methods and approaches for high-resolution imaging of immune cells in primary and secondary immune tissues. Melanie was inspired to find a way to re-engineer laser-based imaging systems into an ultrafast high-resolution bioprinter when she realized that the final roadblock in building human organs for transplant was a well-defined engineering problem: How can microvasculature be printed fast enough to build human tissues? Prellis Biologics' technology solves this problem by partially decoupling printing speed from resolution with a novel patent-pending laser based projection system.