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Chien Miao-Ping - profile picture

Miao-Ping Chien

Erasmus University Medical Center/ UFO Biosciences, NL

Miao-Ping Chien received her PhD in chemistry and biochemistry from the University of California, San Diego in 2013, and went on to a postdoc at Harvard University, working with Prof. Adam Cohen on technology development for biology (combining biophysics, computation and optical instrumentation). She has been honored with a variety of prestigious awards during her PhD and Postdoc (Life Science Research Foundation & Gordon and Betty Moore postdoc fellowship, Inamori Award, Martin Kamen Prize among others).

She joined Erasmus University Medical Center (EMC) as a group leader in June 2017. Her current research focuses on developing and applying multidisciplinary technologies (advanced microscopy and imaging, computation, bioinformatics, (photo)chemistry) to investigate the underlying mechanisms of tumorigenesis, particularly as related to therapy-resistant cancer stem-like cells. Since becoming a PI, Miao-Ping has received various awards and grants including NWO Veni grant, Oncode Institute junior fellowship, Cancer (CGC) fellowship, EMC-Delft convergence grant, EMC fellowship and EMC Mrace grant. She is a founder of UFO Biosciences, which aims to enable better cancer care by creating treatment options for rare, cancer-driving cell populations that escape traditional treatment.