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Miguel A Sanjuan

MedImmune, US

Dr. Miguel Sanjuan is a Principal Scientist at the Respiratory, Inflammation & Autoimmunity (RIA) Department. He currently leads a team of about 10+ innovative scientists focused on the discovery of novel molecules for the treatment of autoimmune disorders. He oversees several programs that span from early to late stage of drug development.

Dr. Sanjuan has more than 18 years of research experience with both solid industry as well as a rich academic background. Prior to joining MedImmune, he worked at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital as a staff scientist, where he discovered a novel intracellular mechanism that linked for the first time the cellular self-digestion pathway, autophagy, with the elimination of extracellular pathogens. Dr. Sanjuan received a bachelor’s degree in biology from the University of Seville and a doctorate in molecular biology from the Autonomous university of Madrid. He then trained as a postdoc fellow at Johnson and Johnson.

His cutting-edge research has collectively led to peer-reviewed publications, in respected journals such as Nature, Nature Immunology, Immunity, and the Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences, USA (PNAS).

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