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Mike Taussig

CEO, Cambridge Protein Arrays, UK

Mike Taussig is CEO of Cambridge Protein Arrays Ltd. and Head of the Protein Technology Group at The Babraham Institute, Cambridge, UK.

His research experience and interests include structure and genetics of antibodies, display libraries and recombinant selection methods, protein array design, cell free protein expression systems and X-ray crystallography. He is noted as co-inventor of ribosome display technology for in vitro selection of antibodies, and protein array methods, where he has developed systems for producing protein arrays in situ from DNA.

He founded Cambridge Protein Arrays Ltd. in 2010 to develop his group’s technologies and provide services in array-based antibody and protein analysis ( He is an executive board member of the European Federation of Biotechnology and Editor in Chief of the EFB journal New Biotechnology. He has coordinated several large scale European networking and research projects, with the aim of establishing resources of affinity reagents for detection of the human proteome, and is currently coordinating the AFFINOMICS project, which is putting proteome scale production of antibodies and other binders into practice ( He has organised a number of conferences, including the ongoing series of Alpbach workshops on Affinity Proteomics. He is a Fellow of Selwyn College, Cambridge, where he teaches pathology.