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Rob Beynon

University of Liverpool, UK

Rob Beynon, Chair of Proteomics, University of Liverpool. Rob Beynon (twitter: @astacus) is Director of the Centre for Proteome Research at the University of Liverpool ( Rob is a biochemist whose research is in the areas of proteomics, proteolysis, and proteolytic enzymes. He’s easily seduced by challenges in biology and devotes much of his time to collaboration with biologists, where he seeks to apply sophisticated methods of protein analysis to challenges in fundamental biology. He was one of the first to apply dynamic stable isotope labelling to measure rates of protein turnover on a proteome wide scale, initially in cells in culture but more recently in whole animals, a very different proposition. He was responsible for development of QconCAT technology for multiplexed absolute quantification, a broadly used technique for absolute quantification that has morphed most recently into DOSCAT and MEERCAT! Parenthetically, his website for the calculation of thermodynamically correct buffers ( has helped the scientific community to prepare over nine-tenths of a million litres of pH buffers, with a target of one megaliter before he retires!!

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