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Steven Henck

Vice President at Genia Subsidiary of Roche Molecular Systems, US

Steven A. Henck, PhD – Vice President, Roche Sequencing Solutions, Inc. Dr. Henck joined Roche in 2010 at 454 Life Sciences as a Project Leader and later drove the identification, technical assessment and evaluation of multiple technologies and companies, helping to shape the strategy of Roche’s Sequencing business. Today Steven serves as the Life Cycle Leader leading the development and commercialization of one of these technologies. Prior to Roche, Steven was the President and CEO of Arbor Fuel Inc., a biotechnology company focused on creating microbes for the production of second generation biofuels and chemicals. Before Arbor Fuel, Steven was the Senior Vice President of Operations at CuraGen Corporation where he led the development and clinical manufacturing launch of three therapeutic drugs in FDA clinical trials, and was instrumental in the founding of 454 Life Sciences. Dr. Henck holds a PhD in Chemistry from Princeton University.

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