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Zemin Zhang

BIOPIC, College of Life Sciences, and Beijing Advanced Innovation Center for Genomics, Peking University, CN

Dr. Zemin Zhang is a Professor of Peking University and a principal investigator at BIOPIC, and Beijing Advanced Innovation Center for Genomics. Dr. Zhang obtained his BS from Nankai University, PhD from Penn State University and postdoctoral trainings at UCSF. Dr. Zhang spent >16 years at Genentech/Roche, leading the cancer genomics and bioinformatics group to discover anticancer targets and biomarkers using genomic and computational technologies. He has pioneered multiple research directions in computational cancer biology and cancer genomics including the first ever whole genome tumor sequencing. He is also an inventor for >60 issued patents, and has directly contributed to the initial finding of the molecular targets of multiple cancer therapeutic agents in clinical trials. His lab currently focuses on understanding the interplay between immune and cancer cells using both large-scale cancer genomics data and the cutting-edge single cell sequencing technologies. He is a CUSBEA Scholar as well as Cheung Kong Scholar.

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