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Russell Jones

Centre for Cancer and Cell Biology, Van Andel Research Institute, US

Dr. Russell (Rusty) Jones is a Professor in the Center for Cancer and Cell Biology at the Van Andel Institute in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Dr. Jones received his Ph.D. in Medical Biophysics in 2003 from the University of Toronto and completed post-doctoral training with Dr. Craig Thompson at the University of Pennsylvania. His research focuses on investigating the genetic and biochemical pathways that control metabolic reprogramming in cancer and the immune system. One goal of Dr. Jones’ research is to investigate how cellular metabolism can be used to target the metabolic vulnerabilities of cancer cells, and how we can enhance immune responses to cancer through metabolic interventions.

Dr. Jones was previously an Associate Professor in the Department of Physiology and Goodman Cancer Research Centre at McGill University, where he was named a William Dawson Scholar. Dr. Jones was recipient of the Dorval Young Investigator Prize from the Canadian Cancer Society in 2014. His work is supported by Canadian Institutes of Health research (CIHR), The Canadian Cancer Society, The Terry Fox Foundation, The Cancer Research Society, and The Canadian Foundation for Innovation.

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